Seitaro SHINAGAWA / 品川 政太朗

a Assistant Professor working on Vision and Language Communication Research

Seitaro SHINAGAWA/品川 政太朗, Doctor of Engineering

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I’m an Assistant Professor at Augment Human Communication laboratory (AHC-lab), Division of Information Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan


Seitaro Shinagawa received his B.E degree and M.S. degree in information science in 2013 and 2015 from Tohoku University, respectively. He received Doctor degree of Engineering in 2020 from Nara Institute of Science and Technology. From 2020, he is an Assistant Professor in NAIST. His working area is visually-grounded dialogue systems, especially interactive image generation system with dialogue. He is a member of JSAI.


Research Interest

Multi-modal dialogue systems, Dialogue-based Image Generation, Visually-grounded dialogue systems, Human-in-the-loop machine learning, Symbol Grounding, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Concept of Dialogue-based Image Generation

Creating an image or illustration is a special skill for us and it takes much time. I believe that an image generation system consid ering natural language interaction can encourage communication between a lot of creators and clients.

Past Project Demo: Image manipulation with natural language instruction

video download (mp4, 3.53MB)
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Implemented with telegram bot

Getting started:

  1. Create telegram account (if you don’t have)
  2. Access to AIMIdemo_bot and start to play!

How to play:

  1. An image is provided.
  2. You can provide natural language instruction to change the given image
  3. You can do 2. repeatedly until you are satisfied (optional: input “/new” to start with a new image)



Python (mainly use), Matlab, C, C++

Work Experience

Educational History

2009 - 2013, Tohoku University

2013 - 2015, Tohoku University

2015 - 2020, Nara Institute of Science and Technology(NAIST)

2019 March 14 - June 19, Internship at The University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies

2020 April 1 - 2020 October 31, Nara Institute of Science and Technology(NAIST)

2020 Novenber 1, Nara Institute of Science and Technology(NAIST)

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